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Account based Marketing has become a trend in marketing since 2016 with 70% of B2B marketers ramping up ABM specific programs, according to ITSMA study 85% believe that account based marketing delivers better return than any other marketing approach.

But marketing to certain high-value accounts has shown better results and it can be really challenging. So how can we really do this effectively over a period of time but before deciding this we should look at what exactly is account-based marketing?

What Is Account-Based Marketing, or ABM?

Account-based marketing is an ultimate personalization tool. Instead of incurring unnecessary expenses on different segments of the population, an account-centric strategy focuses on key business accounts and markets directly to these individual units. They focus on specific leaders and stakeholders who can benefit from what your company has to offer and through this you can make marketing efforts more personalised and more effective. …


Ziel Lab

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