How to leverage your CRM to automate ABM strategy ?

What Is Account-Based Marketing, or ABM?

4 Effective tools to Implement Account-Based Marketing

1: Marketo

2: Hubspot

  1. Setting up ABM strategy on HubSpot tools is intuitive and fast. It uses workflow templates to define your ideal customer profiles and identify good-fit target accounts. Then it leverages on the AI-powered recommendations of target accounts to ensure sales never misses a beat and it does this all within a CRM that has information about your existing customers and qualified leads, so you never have to worry about losing important contact details across marketing and sales.
  2. Through Hubspot Marketing and Sales can finally use shared tools that unite them around the same data, in the same place. Hubspot also has the Target Accounts Home feature, which helps them to understand the progress across all target accounts. This helps everyone to understand and work together on high-value target accounts, create channels named after the deal or account, regularly post KPIs, and share notes automatically.
  3. HubSpot’s ABM tools create personalized content and tailor how you engage with stakeholders within an account. With new features like account-level targeting added to the LinkedIn Ads integration, you get the ability to target companies by target account status or tier, and contacts or subsets of contacts at target accounts.
  4. Hubspot also helps to track and measure key milestones throughout an account’s journey, continuously using data to adapt and iterate on your ABM strategy. This would further lead to gathering a more detailed understanding of what’s happening at an account level with the account overview feature, or get a higher level view using out-of-the-box ABM reporting dashboards. This would help you to identify the highest value accounts and help prioritize reachout.

3: Autopilot

4: Segment

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We are marketers in lab coats.

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