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Account based Marketing has become a trend in marketing since 2016 with 70% of B2B marketers ramping up ABM specific programs, according to ITSMA study 85% believe that account based marketing delivers better return than any other marketing approach.

But marketing to certain high-value accounts has shown better results and it can be really challenging. So how can we really do this effectively over a period of time but before deciding this we should look at what exactly is account-based marketing?

What Is Account-Based Marketing, or ABM?

Account-based marketing is an ultimate personalization tool. Instead of incurring unnecessary expenses on different segments of the population, an…

B2B marketing refers to the commercial exchange of products or services between companies. B2B buying cycles tend to be longer, which impacts the frequency and type of content that’s relevant to this particular audience. And the B2B audience a brand serves with its products can vary greatly in its composition — its customers’ industries and business needs can be completely different yet they can all find value in the products they purchase from the brand. To be clear, B2B does not mean that your interlocutor is not a person. …

Traditionally the sales funnel started where one would collect leads in ways, such as cold calls, inviting website visitors to sign up for your email list, and connecting with prospects on social media. It was designed to capture as much information about prospective customers as possible. It was known as the Awareness stage where you would collect information by offering a free download to gain those subscribers.

But you had no way of knowing why those people came into contact with your business.

Then you moved forward in the funnel by nurturing these leads to encourage them to become your…

Businesses are always striving for continuous growth and ways in which they can effectively make new processes to increase the selling of their products and services. But where does this end and how can a company determine whether it is actually successful?

Businesses always strive to reach at the top and in the process of this it strives to achieve benchmarks so that it can compare itself against a standard and develop a consistent way of measuring performance.

What is benchmarking?

In business, benchmarking helps to measure the performance and standards of your company’s products and services, and compare it…

As the 2020 U.S. election season reaches its final stage, political campaigns for the 670 national, state and congressional races, plus 180+ ballot measure votes, are exploring strategies that incorporate TV, print and other advertising elements available in digital media that can be effectively used during the pandemic.

Political marketers use the paid media with a mix of television, video and digital but recently the spending has increased on digital as the effectiveness and automation available in digital channels has drastically improved. …

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